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Choosing to work with JLJ Construction will guarantee you 100% quality results for construction and landscape to last a lifetime.

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example imageUnderstanding the specific needs of a home owner is sometimes a daunting task. That is one of the main reasons why JLJ Construction on this aspect excels from all competition. Taking your ideas and thoughts and presenting a clear and concrete picture is our mission to meet your projects’ vision and accomplishment. Julio Uzhca, the president of JLJ Construction says "working with people is our specialty. Concrete is a tough product to work with so you have one chance to get it right!"

A common residential request for a concrete contractor in Hackensack, NJ is concrete driveways or walkways. JLJ Construction is the ideal concrete driveways and walkways contractor in the entire area. We believe that our project delivery is a key feature to characterize any residence or commercial property in our nearby area. Personalize your exteriors and interiors today with our crew of professionals!

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Flat roofs provide a bold horizontal line to your overall property’s appeal. These roofing are very beneficial in case you are looking to build a second storage, maintain roof lines and a modern structure for your property. Flat roofing systems are often seen on institutional buildings and larger residential living buildings.

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Shingle roofing is the most cost-effective and most popular system for residential roofing. In style since the 1880's, shingle roofing systems began as an alternative roofing solution to gain modern structure and appeal in your rooftop! Today, shingle roofs are a durable choice for home owners when properly installed by JLJ Construction and its professional crew.

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It is important to note that for tile roofing, water protection must be enhance! As a team JLJ Construction is here to assist you further! Most tiles are porous, and water seeps through them, so the important part of the roof is the unseen part called the underlayment. Tiles protect the underlayment from the sun and the underlayment protects your home from moisture.

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We are professionals to look after your retaining walls & patio constructions in Hackensack, NJ! Our job is creating a safe and beautiful garden for you to feel more comfortable at home or your commercial property. Contact us today to start compacting the soil your property stands on, or to create a unique patio to enhance your property’s curb appeal.

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Demolition is performed by highly skilled personnel with the latest equipment. Here at JLJ Construction hydraulic excavators are used for demolition to be completed in a much more controlled and efficient manner. And our excavators are equipped with multiple demolition attachments including hydraulic shears, hammers, and grapples for the benefit of your demolition project.

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JLJ Construction has successfully demolished thousands of residential dwellings. We will handle everything, from the demolition permits, utility disconnections and the complete clean-up and grading of the lot. We have the correct equipment to demolish any residential structure safely. Contact us today and ask for your FREE estimate!

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The excavation of gas lines, water lines, or sewer lines is something that should be handled by professionals and no less. Excavating any sort of utility lines can be a major hazard, so all of our employees are knowledgeable and experienced in this area as well as working with storm and drain lines. Besides foundation repair and excavations we offer other services such as concrete repair & replacement for your patios or sidewalks.

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